Prevention for children begins with their first teeth. Important is that a child needs a child friendly toothbrush and good quality toothpaste. Clean your teeth together with your children in order to develop good habits. 
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Prophylaxis in Children

Regular dental checks and oral hygiene measures are a prerequisite for healthy teeth for an entire lifetime.
We recommend your first visit us during your pregnancy we can give you all the necessary information for the welfare of your infants milk teeth.

From the first breakthrough of the milk teeth we recommend they are cleaned 2 times daily with fluoride toothpaste.
With a gentle dentist cleaning your child will enjoy a positive new experience, which is an important step for future visits.
Parents are role models for the children, so we always involve the parents in a joint brushing session. 
This awakens the natural imitation of children.

A new child-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste will also have a positive desired effect.
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Dental prophylaxis for newborns

To accustom your child in infancy to brushing, you can perform the “ridge massage”. You put your child on your lap and stroke gently over the child’s gums with a clean finger or a finger bud. This can be incorporated into your daily baby care and may be an alternative later if the Toothbrush is refused.
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All Soft drinks, and a carbohydrate diet plus the continuous sucking on a bottle, along with poor oral hygiene are some of the main causes of tooth decay.

In order to prevent this we will inform you about alternative foods which still taste great but are healthy for teeth and gums.
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Tooth Cleaning

The teeth must be cleaned immediately after each main meal and in addition to any sugary snacks in the list: The outer and inner surfaces to be brushed up and gum line.

It is important a mirror is in use when checking your cleaning apparatus. The toothbrush should have a short, narrow brushing head and must be replaced when the bristles start to diverge.

1. The Chewing Surfaces: Up and down from back to front with small movements.
2. Outside surfaces: From the right side – then to the left. Start behind the canine with small up and down movements.
Incisors brushed from edge to edge, and from the right to left. Only the top, then to the bottom with small up and down movements.
3. The interior surfaces: Before the rear surface of the rearmost tooth right forward and continue to the rearmost tooth left with little up and down movements.

With the conventional techniques, it is not possible to clean the under the occlusal plane of the deciduous teeth (the first permanent molars) efficiently. 
It is the responsibility of parents to keep the child in a position which allows a complete overview of the rows of teeth.
Thanks to a lateral guide of the toothbrush, the space between primary teeth and the first permanent molars can be reached and cleaned.
With small lateral horizontal movements the chewing surfaces of permanent molars are from the beginning of tooth eruption cleaned until they are finished the breaking through process.